Should We Pay to Play Our Live Music Efficiency?



As soon as once more, the other day I received a good e-mail from a music location offering me a gig in my local city of Manchester, UK. And naturally, as a female solo artist that creates rather speculative electronic music blending music and poetry, I must invite the chances to share my music live and maybe broaden my niche audience. They explicitly confessed they do not spend for live music performances. And this got me to believing I truly am not sure about this approach.



I know I need to not feel the world owes me something because I require or wish to express myself through my music and poetry. And there are numerous female solo acts to select from so I should feel flattered that they approached me. And every live music gig is a chance to construct on your fan base, perhaps sell products such as independent albums, perhaps even get 'identified' by someone who can provide more opportunities for my speculative electronic music.



If everybody else is getting paid to make that live music event happen, then why should not we the artists who really make and provide the music? It appears a bit unusual to me that those who offer the most crucial part of a live music event, the live music performance, need to not be paid.



I have a pal who says she has a moral impossibility to bet absolutely nothing. And often we are anticipated to pay to play if travel, food and drink expenses are not covered by the live music location or promoter. Most places or promoters can at least afford to part with even twenty pounds which is at least some token of appreciation. And most often it has actually not been complimentary for us to develop our performance and craft. Instruments need to be acquired and kept, in some cases guaranteed; cars, taxis and public transportation are not complimentary; singing or music lessons can likewise be costly; and I have even invested a great deal of money in an advanced noise engineering course to additional mistress my instruments, musical ear and live sound mix. You can find more information about from .



I think I have done enough live music efficiencies to get the hang of it now and would like my well-travelled performance and innovative music to be valued as a craft and a skill. I might make speculative electronic music which attempts to mix poetry and music, however I have worked hard to establish as intriguing and quality a performance as I can.



Naturally, I do and enjoy to play for complimentary often - such as for good friends or fund raising events for charity. So, next time you are provided a gig, believe if you truly must be offering your services totally free and examine whether you are being exploited. If you pay to play, others will be anticipated to do the exact same. And if you pay skilled musicians to deliver a quality live music performance in your venue then they will be more valued by all.


New York City is where artists go to construct their professions, and you will find an abundance of totally free street efficiencies. Greenwich Village teems with these bohemian performers, primarily because it is the home of New York University.

Those eager and able to pay can go to various New York music venues to hear live music. Others such as the New York City Opera offer student discount rates and special offers to make their tickets more budget-friendly.